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Managing Company

OOO Versivo Managing Company ensures coordinated work of the Association’s organizational enterprises. It is in charge of trade marks, determines the Versivo trade policy, and supports the inter-enterprise infrastructure.

The Versivo enterprises are independent self-financing economic agents, however they act in compliance with single corporate business standards.

There are requisite licenses and permits for all types of provided services.

Today, the Versivo brand includes Samara Stroyfarfor, Samara Laminat, Mary Bern, Samara Plaster Plant, Versivo furniture store, Solidarnost security guards agency, and some other entities. The bulk of production facilities are based in Samara, however, the Association also includes the Center for contractual biddings in construction in Moscow, trade representative offices in several major Russian cities, and in the People’s Republic of China.

Width of Influence

The managerial decisions reach far beyond the headquarters.

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OOO Versivo Managing Company

Address: 415, pr. Kirova, Samara, 443031
Phones: +7 (846) 925-58-88, 269-63-39
Fax: +7 (846) 925-56-15

General Director: Kulagina, Yulia Gennadievna

OOO Versivo Moscow Representative Office

Address: 27, ul. Zemlyanoy Val, str. 2, pod. 9, Suite 95, Moscow, 105064
Phone: +7 (495) 928-92-94

Director: Perov, Sergey Alexandrovich