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The Association was established in 1989. Today, Versivo is a major production holding with solid positions in Russia, and aggressive plans to foray into foreign markets.

The origins of the Versivo Association date back to the establishment of the Kuibyshev Commercial Center (KCC) named Mir, which engaged in retail business.
KCC Mir opens a chain of construction material stores in several Russia’s cities.
The company is named Versivo.
Versivo starts a new business, manufacturing sliding door wardrobes. Years later, this production will be segregated into a separate Mary Bern company.
Samara StroyFarfor Plant joins the Versivo Association. Samara Laminat Company dealing with production and sales of laminated chipboard is established.
Solidarnost security guards agency is established within the Association.
The Versivo management company is set up. The Versivo Association staff grows to 2,000 employees.
Household chemicals production plant joins the Versivo Association. Warehouse facility is under construction on the enterprise grounds. Grasaro granite and ceramic tile production line opens on the Samara Stroyfarfor premises.
Samara plaster plant joins Versivo. The Versivo Association staff exceeds 3,000 employees.
RosGres Trade House opens for business. Production facility for fine ceramics at Samara Stroyfarfor becomes a separate legal entity, OOO Decorus.
June 5 — «RosTransTerminal», OJSC opening ceremony. October 8 — the opening ceremony of dry construction mixes, «Samara Plaster Plant», CJSC.
In February TM GRASARO has represented «Pietra Naturale», 600×600 mm format glazed ceramic granite collection. The collection imitates natural stones — marble, granite, travertine. The products defy competition with popular imported ceramic granite.
In April Samara Plaster plant has celebrated the 65th anniversary.
In April «Samara Snroyfarfor» plant has started to produce sanitaryware of SANITA LUXE upper-economy-class segment. Distribution network is established; new trade mark defies competition with Eastern Europe sanitoryware.
On June Mr. Dolmatov, «Versivo» Association President is awarded with «Order of Saint Venerable Seraphim Sarovskiy of the III Degree».
On June 14 «Versivo» Association has celebrated the 20th anniversary.
In November «Samara Stroyfarfor» has offered new service to customers — «Package proposal for construction material market». ТМ GRASARO assortment includes ceramic veneer (produce on Lasselsberger production area) and dry construction mixes (produce on Samara plaster plant production areas). Constructional project from one producer is possible now.
In January GRASARO produced the new glazed ceramic granite in 400×400 × 9 mm format. The new ceramic is produced in innovative technologies and imitate granite stone, wood, sand and noble fabric. «GRASARO Trend» collection is popular by designers.
July 12 «Versivo» Association President is awarded with «Order of Merit for Country of the II Degree».
In July «Samara Stroyfarfor», Ltd. has completed «Sanitory-building products» project. As a result the enterprise produces 100 000 qualitative in-demand products every month.
In July Samara Plaster Plant doubled Forman production range compare with 2008.
In July new polishing line was put into production in the GRASARO ceramic granite tile manufacture workshop on «Samara Stroyfarfor». It is equiped by BMR italian equipment which provides high quality.
On November, 20th «Samara Stroyfarfor» Ltd. has celebrated 70th anniversary. The festive occasion has taken place in the Samara philharmonic.
On September, 6th «RosTransTerminal» OJSC has celebrated 5th anniversary. 6 сентября ОАО «РосТрансТерминал» исполнилось 5 лет.
On October, 21th the classroom for employees training was opened grandly on «Samara plaster plant», CJSC.
In November «Samara plaster plant» CJSC has started production of FORMAN № 01 extra-quality product (super light plaster).
«Samara plaster plant» CJSC production was recognized as «The best 2011 goods in the Volga federal district».
On December, 15th «RODEX-Samara» CJSC has celebrated 5th anniversary. At the present time the company realizes the first stage of «Tsarev Grad» the business-class villa community situated on the Volga left bank.
On November, 2th «Versivo» managing company«, Ltd. has celebrated 10th anniversary.
«RosPlit», Ltd. production was recognized as «The best 2011 goods».