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Social Policy

The general principle of the Versivo Association social policy is the corporate civic consciousness. It means that the employees of the company occupy the same positions as the citizens would have in any state with a legal system. Any citizen of Versivo state has not only some duties, but also validly specified rights.
Every member can reckon on the support of Association to increase his proficiency and quality of life, when he performs his duties conscientiously, shows initiative and takes care of Versivo interests.

Effective labour and professional growth motivation

Association understands the value of motivation for effectiveness of labour activity and professional growth, therefore:
- Association gives systematically bonuses to workers, who carry out their professional duties successfully;
- Association awards of valuable gifts the best employees annually;
- Association recovers expenses for professional training and skills development;
- Association gives an opportunity for career development to the employees, by forming personal reserve and management succession.

Health protection and sport

Versivo Association provides facilities for healthy life-style of the workers:
- Association provides the employees and members of their families with medical service free of charge;
- the best employees can get vouchers for sanatorium-and-spa treatment resorts;
- Association gives bonuses for healthy life-style;
- Association recovers expenses for sport and sport clubs;
- Association arranges sport events.

Social assistance of families with children

Association takes care of the younger generation and consider compensations and monetary benefits to the members of the company. They are:
- one-time grant on baby birth (adoption);
- monthly payment to the worker (father or mother), who is on parental leave;
- valuable gifts on baby birth;
- compensation of costs for children summer camps;
- rewards for excellent schoolchildren twice a year.

Versivo understands that good attitude towards its employees means good attitude of the employees towards their job, and as a result, the management and the employees will consist a strong team, which is in charge of common business and aims at success.