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The company is engage in warehouse real estate development in the «Versivo» Association. «RosTransTerminal» company is involved in the up-to-date Class «A» warehouse complex construction which meets the customers and investors requirements. The speciality of company projects is unique objects location. Now the company realises two warehouse projects:

  • The terminal 1 — the city universal distributing warehouse complex in 3 (three) km. from the city center. The area is 21 500 square meters.
  • The terminal 2 — the region universal warehouse complex in 1 (one) km. from Samara. The area is 54 000 square meters.

This is what I call a terminal!

The size of the building can be fully appreciated only from the bird's eye view.

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Logistics and Warehouse Facility

Address: 46, ul. Dzerzhinskogo, Samara, 443070
Phones: (846) 269-65-79; 269-65-86

General Director: Sergeyev, Denis Ivanovich