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Samarskiy Stroyfarfor

Samarskiy Stroyfarfor is the largest enterprise within the Versivo Association. Sanita sanitary ware, and Grasaro ceramic granite, which is the cutting-edge facing material resistant to subzero temperatures and humidity.

The plant continually improves the production process, implements new process flows, and expands the range of its output. The geographical reach of sales constantly expands: The Samara Stroyfarfor output is currently supplied not only to Russia, but also to the former USSR and foreign countries.

Right from the Oven

Over 500 ready-to-use washbowls are made by the plant daily.

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LLC "Samarskiy Stroyfarfor"

Trade marks: Sanita , Grasaro , Sanita Luxe

Address: Stroykeramika settlement, Volzhsky District, Samara Oblast, 443528
Phones: +7 (846) 999-20-03
Fax: +7 (846) 999-11-63

General Director: Misiulia, Pavel Alexeyevich