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Professor Korotkov gave a public lecture organized by association “Versivo”


The «Versivo» association and Samara State University organized a lecture of professor Korotkov «Human and Space Energy» open to public. Konstantin Korotkov is a Doctor of engineering, professor of the Department of Computer Systems Design of St. Petersburg State University of Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, president of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography. Prof. Korotkov spoke about the basic methods of gas discharge visualization. Prof. Korotkov claims that a human being is a part of a united cosmic process, which connects all human beings to nature and can be described in terms of contemporary Physics. According to Prof. Korotkov human beings possess an information and an energy field covering him in addition to the physical body. Everything a man does and everything that happens to him/her has been first formed in this energy field as a specific hologram, which is realized later.