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The trip of the managers of the “Versivo” Association to Baikal took place


The trip of the managers of the «Versivo» Association to Baikal took place from July, 14 to July, 21, 2007. Trips to the most beautiful places of Russia have become a tradition: for example, trips to Altai and Kamchatka had been made earlier. This year's trip was intensive and various and included the visits to Irkutsk, the south coast of the Baikal Lake, the tunnels of Krugobaikalskaya railway — a unique historic-architectural and engineering monument of the 19th century, five-hour boat trip to the West lakeside and the Zima tourist camp — one of the extreme inhabited areas of the Baikal region; the Olkhon island where according to the legend, «the spirit of Baikal» lives, a helicopter flight to the mountain pass Shumak in Sayani mountains and returning to Irkutsk. Every piece of the trip included the acquaintance with the culture, folklore, beliefs and traditions of the Buryats, the natives of the land.