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«Versivo» Association has invited Mr.Auzan


The first public lecture which was organized by the «Versivo» Association in 2007-2008 academic year took place in the Samara State University.

The set of demonstration lectures was opened by Alexander Auzan, Department Chairman of applied institutional economics of the Moscow State University economics faculty. The Russian president councillor of civil society institutions assistance and development and human rights Alexander Auzan explained his opinion about the modern russian society formation. Alexei Dolmatov, President of «Versivo» Association, noted that the public contract scheme of Auzan is interesting but it is necessary that all significant social groups define with their interests, formulate their ideas and protect them publicly. The social contract is possible only when the following conditions are satisfied. When we don’t observe the following conditions, we face with some problems such as confused populist claims, lack of a dialogue and in the result numerous unsolvable problems. The progress is possible only through public utterance of complaints and suggestions. In this case we observe the motivation to positive changes.