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The main thing is the economy humanization


On March 6, Ruslan Grinberg, director corresponding member of the Russian Science Academy, Economy Institute director of RAS (the Russian Academy of Science) has arrived in Samara to understand that not only does economy grow but also it develops. Also he has read a lecture about his economic country development plan, which he had prepared for the President. The audience wished to know the economic course which Russia is followed and discuss our economy problems, prospects and achievements. According to Mr. Grinberg’s opinion, the main thing is economic policy humanization. Only the person should be in the head of all government actions, which problem is the public interest rehabilitation. «Versivo» Association has organized Mr. Grinberg’s visit to Samara within the limits of public lectures course which purpose is to build business, science and culture interaction. It is expected visits not only russian scientists to Samara but also and foreign.