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The Investor's Day in the Samara region


«The Role of foreign investments in economic development of the Samara region» conference in which participated A. P. Nefedov, the vice-governor of the Samara region, G. R. Khasaev, the minister of economic development, investments and trade of the Samara region; A. G. Dolmatov, the president of «Versivo»Association, Ikeda Masakhiro, the head of the Moscow representative office ROTOBO, the responsible secretary of «Japanese business-club», A. D. Berlin, Doctor of Economics, the professor of economic faculty of the Moscow State University of М.В. Lomonosov, Frank Shauf, the general director the European Busines Association took place in Samara under the Samara region government aegis on April 28th. Within the limits of conference «Development of foreign economic relations with the Asia countries» seminar has passed, organized by Mr. Ikeda, the visitor of «Versivo» Association and the professor Mr. Berlin. It is planned, that in September of current year «Versivo» Association together with ROTOBO and the Samara region government will hold a seminar «the Samara region — Japan: opportunities of investment cooperation. A. D. Berlin, Doctor of Economics,the professor of economic faculty of the Moscow State University bof М.В. Lomonosov and G. N. Konstantinov, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the professor of the higher school of Economy will become moderators of a seminar. The seminar will have practical character and is focused on work directly at the industrial enterprises of the Samara region.