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«Versivo. Case study»


«Versivo. Case stady» VII corporative conference took place on June 23. The conference program has been built in full conformity with the name — knowledge received by experience. Mr. Rasskazov, «Versivo» Association executive director; Mr. Sazonov, «Versivo-laminat», Ltd. director; Mr. Mishenin, «Samarskiy Laminat» general director; Mr. Bikov, «Versivo» Managing Company deputy general director; Mr. Misulya, «Samara Stroyfarfor» general director. The conference practical part has been organized that all listeners could try their efforts in independent decision of topical problems for «Versivo» Association enterprises. Work results of Association enterprises for 2007 have been sum up, the best employees have been awarded. «Samara Plaster Plant» became the best enterprise in third times. Valentina Kozhevnikova, chief technologist of «Samara Plaster Plant»; Sergei Krivov, shift chief of «Solidarnost», Private Security Agency; Galina Makarova, chief of «Samara Stroyfarfor», Ltd. molding shop are the best employees. Before conference end, popular science film about expedition in Buryatia in charge of Margarita Kulakova, Doctor of Engineering Science, correspondent member MANEB has been displayed conference.