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Works are advanced


There is the last stage of work completion on installation of PKGP mill MTS-088, two MTD-050 mills, roller-hearth furnaces FMS 285/105, presses PN 5000, vertical dryer EVA 993, grade lines, packaging lines, decoration lines, mobile accumulators, delivery system conveyor of molding powder from swagelok area on presses, slip accumulators for slip from MTS-088 mill. vanishing area technical channel equipment, installation works of aeration device for presses № 3 and № 4 are at the final stage. All equipment is italian of «SACMI», «TechnoFerrari», «Nuovafima»companies. The first square meter output is expected in May. Buyalo Y. V., chief power engineer; Artamonov V. A., Deputy General director of capital development,; Borisov V. N., chief mechanic; Abashkin Y. A., OOP (object-oriented programming) chief; Shishkin A. V., Process Control System chief; Eremin V. A., PKGP mechanic; Popov I. V., ETTO engineer; Cherkasov M. A., press attendant; Tyabina V. V., master PKGP; Marinin N. A., engineer CN (Construction Norms); Shakhmuradov R. G., building inspection engineer; Baygushev V. V., power engineer PKGP; Cherepanova O. A., RD department collective ;Mamedov N.M., project designer OGM.