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«Samara Stroyfarfor» factory has become the founder of «PRO GRASARO» corporate magazine. Natalia Levina is an author of this idea, Leonid Nemtsevth is an editor. The magazine will be quarterly published and expand free. Mr. Sdobnov, the vice-president of the Russian architects Union, a member-correspondent of the International Architecture Academy, the Honourable builder of Moscow greeting was published in the first magazine issue. The magazine is not familiar enough to the reader, but the pilot number is so successful that Mr. Misyulya, «Samara Stroyfarfo» General director opinion about factory employees is quite applicable and to «PRO GRASARO» founders: «we are not shameful for our business result. We are engaged in heavy kind of business . As a result we do our business not bad. It is pleasant to let out a tile to which can be proud and that is even more important, courageously to look in the face to the buyer».