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«Samara Stroyfarfor» has activated new pollution control facilities


«Samara Stroyfarfor», Ltd., the largest enterprises of «Versivo» Association concludes adjustment works of two additional ceramic granite tile production lines. Production expansion needs new pollution control facilities of production waste water processing. The building is completely ready now and equipment installation for factory, production, soil, storm waste water are practically ready. Buildings are constructed on classical technology. Pollution control facilities for clearing of household effluents second turn will be constructed in the nearest future for Stroykeramika, Petra Dubrava and other Volzhskiy region localities. «Floyd Brownе», an american company is one of possible suppliers of equipment for pollution control facilities of common use. It is vitally important to build such facilities for Stroykeramika, Petra Dubrava, Smushlyaevka. Just now all household effluents without clearing dispose in Padovka river, at that intensive inhabited and production construction is in process in this district. District management can not support an existent systems of waste water. Only «Versivo» Association takes care of pollution control facilities and spend its own means. However, Association management hopes that another interested parties take part in second turn construction. According to Mr. Dolmatov, «Versivo» Association Presedent, infrastructure creation is a state problem.