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OOO Samara Stroyfarfor Makes the First Million m² of Ceramic Granite Tile


On October 22, 2004, 10 months after commissioning the first production line for making ceramic granite tile, Samara Stroyfarfor made the first million m² of tile ahead of schedule.

The construction of the second phase of the production line to make Grasaro ceramic granite, the leader of the Russian market, is in full swing. The expanded productive capacities will allow the Versivo Association to significantly cut production costs, and broaden the range of items made from ceramic granite.

Once the new production lines are commissioned, the plant?s productive capacity will increase to 5,000,000 m² per year, which will allow to meet the fast-growing consumer demand on the Russian construction materials market for Grasaro ceramic granite. The Russian brand is in demand, and is used for industrial and civilian construction. The classical, as well as modern and stylish collection designs, a wide selection of colors, and various sizes of ceramic granite tile allow to use this material not only for economy class construction, but also for buildings of deluxe category.

Consistency of the output with international requirements and quality standards, tile sizing and stability of color put Grasaro products apart from many other Russian and foreign producers of ceramic granite tile of this category.

The production of Grasaro economy class ceramic granite tiles was launched in 2004, and became one of the first Russian enterprises to make this type of material. Modern equipment and high-grade raw materials, the latest Italian technologies and highly skilled personnel, awareness of the market needs, as well as the quality and diversity of the output quickly made Grasaro brand the leader of the ceramic granite market.