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Samara Plaster Plant took part in a exhibition


Samara Plaster Plant, CJSC took part in «Mosbuild — 2009», the 15th international building exhibition from March 31 till April 3. The plant main task was the «FORMAN» dry construction mixes presentation, a new trade mark of Versivo Association. Mount styling design was created in accordance with trade mark corporate style: antique columns underline a logotype — Apollo’s head in a building helmet. 700 people have visited the «Forman» mount and in addition exhibitors works among the exibition center visiters, distributing souvenir bags with «FORMAN» trademark symbolic. According to the results a contacs database was formed: 230 contacts are «dry construction mixes», 30 contacts are «plaster binding and gypsum partition blocks». Sale and distribution departments managers of «Samara Plaster plant» hold negotiations with potential customers. Four carriages with plaster were shipped during «Mosbuild-2009» exhibition in the results of negotiations with customers.