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OOO Samara Laminat Tops the List of Versivo Association Enterprises


The results of the Best Versivo Association Enterprise 2003 contest were drawn at the 3rd corporate conference held on June 12, 2004.

According to Contest regulations, three criteria were used to assess the performance of enterprises: Financial and economic indicators, social factor and the most outstanding corporate event of the past year.

The Contest jury included A. G. Dolmatov, President of Versivo Association, and vice presidents O. Yu. Skotnikov and I. V. Yelin.

The Versivo Viktoria Prize went to the best enterprise within the Association. This is a unique design epitomizing the idea of the desire to win carrying the motto: «The victory goes hand in hand with understanding.»

OOO Samara Laminat won the prize for 2003. The Versivo Viktoria prize was given to M.N. Tetyorkin, General Director of the enterprise.