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Versivo Association Opens New Ceramic Granite Tile Plant


The grand opening of one of Russia’s largest ceramic granite tile-making plants will take place on February 26, 2004.

Ceramic granite simulates properties of natural granite. Ceramic granite has low water absorption capacity, and, accordingly, doesn’t absorb dirt, is mechanically durable, resistant to abrasion and low temperatures. It is used for improvement of residential and office premises, façade finishing, flooring, and interior decoration.

Modern technologies allow to make the output of the highest quality, which is fully capable of filling the niche on the Russian market currently taken by imported goods. The tile has the quality compliance certificate issued by the Russian Committee for Construction.

The design capacity of enterprise provides for making about 2,000,000 m² of tile. The Versivo Association plans to commission the second production line by the end of 2005, and boost the production of this cutting-edge construction material up to 5,000,000 m² per year. The tile will be retailed under the GRASARO brand (GRASARO is made of the first letters in the words GRAnite-SAmara-ROssia).

The Moscow-based State Institute of Construction Materials Industry Design was the general designer of the construction.

The Italian SACMI Technological Center, world’s leader in ceramic granite production, was the general designer and equipment supplier.

The Grasaro ceramic granite tile is made using basic recipes developed by the Italian partners. The Ukrainian white clay, which is recognized by the world’s leaders in the ceramic granite production as the best raw material, is used as a staple source material for its production. Dyeing agents are supplied by the Spanish Ferro Company. All raw materials are environmentally safe.

As of today, 18,000 meters of ceramic granite tile have been produced. Tile is ready to be made in five colors: gray, blue, beige, brown, and black. Tile in eight colors will be available once the enterprise reaches full capacity.

The ceramic granite tile production process is fully automated. The Italian Sasuola lab performs quality control.

The plant’s production facilities include the largest in Europe raw material storage, which guarantees high product quality.

The following environmentally safe technologies are used during the production: Air treatment bringing the air quality to ozone-saturated mountain air, water usage closed circuit (water is used, treated and reused); zero emissions rate.

According to market studies, the saturation rate of the domestic market with the ceramic granite tile stands currently at 30%. Therefore, 70% of the market is a potential available not only to the Versivo Association, but also to all those who have already accessed or are accessing the market with similar products. The Grasaro tile is planned to be marketed across the Russian Federation and in the former USSR countries.

The ceramic granite tile production plant is located on the premises of OOO Samara Stroyfarfor, which employs unique experts in ceramic production. The Versivo Association personnel employed with the new production facility takes additional training and internship at Sacmi technology center on as-needed basis.

Joint operations of both enterprises not only provide highly skilled personnel for the new facility, and create additional jobs for the Volga region residents, whose number had grown by more than 10% by now.

The payback time of the new ceramic granite tile plant is three years.