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Samara Stroyfarfor Wins the 7th All-Russian Contest for the Best Construction Organization


On August 5, 2003, on the eve of the Builder’s Day professional holiday, the Rosstroyexpo Triumph exhibition hall hosted a grand award distribution ceremony for winners in the 7th All-Russian contest for the best construction organization, building materials and construction industry.

The contest was made possible by the Russian Construction Committee and Construction Workers and Building Materials Union of the Russian Federation. The construction organizations, building material and construction industry enterprises, as well as design organizations of Russia’s construction industry increase their participation in the All-Russian contests organized by the Russian Construction Committee.

The goal of the contest is to determine, encourage, promote, and spread the cutting-edge experience of building organizations and enterprises that operate most efficiently under new economic circumstances.

The award ceremony was attended by N.P. Koshman, Chairman, Russian Construction Committee; A. I. Petrakov, Deputy Chairman, Russian Construction Committee; L. S. Barinova, Deputy Chairman, Russian Construction Committee; B. A. Soshenko, Chairman, Construction Workers and Building Materials Union of the Russian Federation; N. Zabelin, President, Russian Builders’ Union.

The award went to the largest Versivo Association enterprise, OOO Samara Stroyfarfor. The plant was awarded a special diploma For Implementation of New Efficient Forms of Production Organization and Construction Management, and a crystal cup The Winner in 7th All-Russian Contest 2002.