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The Versivo Association Sums Up Performance Results for the Year and Outlines the Outlook for Development


The 1st Corporate Conference of the Versivo Association held under the motto Our Version of Success was held on June 8, 2002.

The Versivo Association was established in 1989, and currently operates as a holding comprised of a number of production firms. The enterprises that form part of the Association specialize in the production of sanitary ware, handmade ceramics, foam polystyrene, laminated chipboard, built-in and case furniture, glass and mirror items, soft drinks, furniture fittings, construction and finishing materials. The Association enterprises employ 2,500 people.

This is the first ever conference held by such a large holding entity united under the Versivo trademark.

The conference was attended by over 100 people, including the Association top managers, heads of structural units, representatives of the region’s business community, Russian and European partners of the Association.

The Conference discussed conceptual issues of the Association development focusing on perspective planning and further integration of the Association members.

The keynote speech at the Conference was delivered by Alexey Dolmatov, President, Versivo Association, who emphasized the relevance of experience gained from joint operation of different businesses within one holding.

Heads of the Association’s structural units and representatives of branches located in different Russian cities, including the largest Moscow-based one, also reported to the conference.

Issues of formation and development of the corporate culture have always been a priority with Versivo. Thus, the participants and guests of the Our Version of Success conference were given lapel badges with corporate symbols, which entitle their holders to exclusive benefits at all enterprises of the Association.