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Autumn 2008 «Versivo» Association has presented the new trade mark — Forman, dry construction mixes. They are made by «Samara plaster plant» on the advanced equipment which has been delivered by M-tec German company. This new manufacture was visited by the people, come to congratulate «Versivo» Association with Builder’s Day: Pavel Donskoy, Construction, Housing and Utilities Ministry of the Samara region, Vladimir Chernishov and Vladimir Vivodtsev, Promishleniy and Kirovskiy districts administrators. New production became an important event not only for Samara Plaster plant but also for Samara. Pavel Donskoy, subject ministry head noted that «Versivo» Association advances new technologies in production. Aleksey Dolmatov, the president of «Versivo» Association has noted that basically the production is for a regional consumer. «By our calculations, the Samara region can consume approximately 70 % of given production. We hope that our manufacture will be the real contribution to regional economy development», — Aleksey Dolmatov has told.