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Logistic section on interregional congress


September 29-30, 2011 «RosTransTerminal», Ltd. and «Logika Dvizheniya», Ltd. employees took part in «United retail space in present-day competition conditions» II Interregional congress of sale, public catering and services directors. The congress was held by the Samara region Government, with Ministry of Industry and Trade support. The congress has given possibility to discuss the important problems connected with the region consumer market, retail property market, sale modern formats and effective implementation of trading processes management of new technologies. Mr.Sergeev, «RosTransTerminal», OJSC general director has acted as the moderator of one break-out sessions, devoted to modern logistics and a place and a role of the Samara region in the united retail space establishing. The key spotlight presentation on logistical development, the Russian logistical outsourcing particulars, the regional logistics agglomerative tendencies has been prepared by Mr. Rataev, «Logika Dvizheniya» commercial director. A breadboard model of a city universal distributive warehouse complex has been placed on the exposition. II Interregional congress participants have noted the meeting was important in experience exchange between the enterprises of the region economy various branches and new business relations establishment.