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Students competition in"Samara Plaster plant", JSC


On March 27 the final competition stage «The best decision for Samara Plaster plant, JSC» set up for the Samara State Architectural and Construction university took place. The event participants prepared designs on new gypsum products implementation or on its basis; on new technologies in gypsum manufacture or products on its basis; on the existing gypsum manufacture technology improvement at the enterprise; on output production prime cost decrease and labor productivity increase. Within 4 months the preparation was carried on: material collection, consultations with instructors and enterprise specialists, necessary experienced work, the formulation of carried-out projects concept, product samples creation, presentations decor. SSACU professors: Sergey Mizyuryaev, Candidate of Technology, Associate professor, Head of construction materials, products and designs production department; Stanislav Galitskov, Doctor of Engineering, professor, Head of mechanization, automation and power energy department; Konstantin Galitskov, Candidate of Technology, Associate professor, Dean of construction engineering faculty; Aleksey Hlistov, Doctor of Engineering, Professor of construction materials department guided scientific theoretical and practical students work. The competitive commission which structure included the key Samara Plaster Plant staff: administrative division, directorate on technology and quality, services of the chief engineer, commercial board, defined winners. The I place was awarded to Gatina and Medvedev, the 5th course students for «A new product on the basis of gypsum binder» competitive work. The II place was taken by Erisov, the undergraduate of the first year of training with «The automation of technological process of plaster roasting in the rotating furnace», competitive work. The III place was given to Solopova and Demidova undergraduates of the first training year «Research of a hardening of gypsum binder (pilot work)», for competitive work. In April 2012 money prizes on SSACU Academic council will be awarded to winners. Samara Plaster Plant management and the Samara state architectural and construction university agreed in opinion that cooperation was fruitful and it is necessary to develop it in future