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"Solidarnost" Private Security Company employees upgraded their professional skills


Within professional training of the security guards with duty weapon usage studies in tactics of protected persons and property support with usage of tactical paintball equipment and official firearms took place in July and August. On July 17 on the basis of the tactical town «Patriot» (v. Mekhzavod) security guards practiced skills of protected persons and property support in various situations on the open area, in a wood area and in an urban area. The task was complicated by weather: training in a complete set of protective equipment for the tactical paintball including running and obstacle climbing, maintaining aimed fire on opponents underwent at a 40 degrees heat. On August 27 in «Socrat»non-state educational establishment shooting range these educational tasks were fulfilled already with combat weapon usage. Work was conducted mainly in pairs, the special attention was given not only to tactical elements but also to firing on targets accuracy (the conditional attacker). The next practice in the tactical town connected with the cars support planned in September.