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TM FORMAN — the main sponsor of a festival in Bobrovka


The FORMAN trademark acted as the General sponsor of the II-nd Regional festival of the aviation, technical and military applied sports which has taken place on August 18. The festival took place in the Oktyabrskiy village of the Kinel district, in Bobrovka airfield where the Samara regional flying club DOSAAF of Russia is based. Besides the traditional sports demonstration performances on parachute jumps, helicopter pilotage, single combats, a paintball, karting, etc. the events program was represented by «A master class by TM FORMAN», «Children’s creativity by TM FORMAN», «TM FORMAN main prize» — the sponsoring platforms organized by TM FORMAN caused a great interest of festival guests. On «Children’s creativity» platform children learnt to cast figures from plaster, to cover with drawings of plaster products under «Samara Plaster plant», CJSC technologists direction. During the work, the enterprise specialists told about qualities of ecological raw materials — high-strength plaster which the complex produces. «Playground» began the new tradition of the enterprise connected with the applied children’s creativity. TM FORMAN pleased all children with a sweet treating. Ice-cream seemed especially tasty in the open air and at good weather. «Master class» which acquainted them with the new products which are manufactured by the enterprise, — superlight plaster FORMAN 01 was meant for adults. The participants were suggested to master wall plastering. Newly-made masters could estimate convenience and simplicity of plastering and to be glad with a good result which turns out quite easily. The most initiative and active workers assembled at competitions «Who will better plaster a wall?», «Who will better dance a dance of the mechanic or read a FORMAN rap?». The winners were awarded with company mugs, flash cards, T-shirts, caps, etc. «The main prize from TM FORMAN» became some kind of test on luck. Competition collected many people wishing to define the relations with fate. Each participant filled in the form with questions about TM FORMAN and received the ticket with number. Prize drawing — a bicycle of the GT Transeo 2012 brand took place at 14.00 on the main festival scene. The event guests were welcomed by Konstantin Sergeev, the enterprise general director. He noted that people of the elder and middle age DOSAAF associates with pleasant childhood memories and hoped the younger generation will be interested also in militaryapplied sports. TM FORMAN souvenirs were awarded and, at last, the Main prize was drawn. Oksana Betulova became the bicycle owner. The festival became an appreciable event for TM FORMAN — the status of participation in a regional event has changed — general sponsorship, the forms of advertizing advancement of production become more various and creative.