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"Alpha" for SANITA LUXE TM lavatory equipment production


The injection-molding machine under the working name «Alpha» is put into operation on Samara Stroyfarfor plant. The project implementation took 10 months. The financing of 20 million rubles was implemented from the enterprise investment fund in which, according to the general management factory workers and shareholders decision,10% of plant money turnover is received annually. The injection-molding machine for the big size washing tables production is the Stroyfarfor experts own development. Many of them came from TsSKB-Progress and The Kuznetsov Design Bureau to factory. The big group of designers, constructors, workers toiled at the task performance but especially significant contribution was brought by Vladimir Aleksandrov, master mechanic; Anatoly Arzyaev and Aleksey Kalashnikov, operating and repair engineer; Evgeny Klementinov, hardware engineer; Arcady Makarov, chief mechanic; Konstantin Semagin, power department chief; Andrey Semyonov, design engineer; Alexander Shishkin, automatic process control system section chief. The created machine prototype was the Italian model which principle of action was taken as a basis and then modernized. During the injection-molding machine creation are used the modern advanced electronic base, the pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. The difficult task is solved — technically, technologically, according to the social importance. Essential machine advantages: 1. It is designed for industrial conditions: technical, technological, raw; 2. It is high-productive: it is rated for usual raw materials usage; 3. It is developed taking into account ecological requirements — «Alpha» provides circulating water supply with use of setting tanks and water purification from all mechanical impurities in order to exclude polluting emissions to Padovka river; 4. It reduces influence of such adverse factors as high humidity and high temperature of environment; 5. It is reliable and repairable — the device is known thoroughly as it is created «from scratch»; 6. It is comparable and even surpasses the best foreign analogs in the general level of execution, on power inputs and on other parameters; 7. It is cheaper than the purchase equipment on account of customs payments absence, shipping and other expenses; Alpha injection-molding machine implementation allowed to create 12 new highly paid workplaces in addition to a powerful economic benefit, working conditions improvement, new type of products mastering — the TM SANITA LUXE big sizes washing tables, production quality improvement.