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ТМ GRASARO distributor conference


The annual distributor conference of ТМ GRASARO partners took part on «Dubrava» park-hotel territory on September 14, 2012. This meeting was differ from previous. Except traditional company summing-up for last year, ТМ GRASARO representatives made a statement about future plans. Plans seriousness and magnitude of ceramic granite realization made an impression on large companies directors. It is necessary to expand plant capacities, organize to output of glaze and polish ceramic granite high-technology collections. It gives opportunity to GRASARO partners to serve builders needs with quality product and supply demand deficit. Unique ceramic granite collection with upmarket design and high-quality under KERRANOVA new trade mark attracted the biggest interest. The part of collection authentically reproduce natural calacata, it is upmarket finishing material. Other collections accuracy deliver rare wood species structure. In the nearest time KERRANOVA part assortment will be produced on «Samara Stroyfarfor» capacities. Practically all distributors express readiness to cooperate with new trade mark, its credo is creative idea, innovation and high technologies. At the close of this event visitors thanked GRASARO management for quality and well coordinated work, readiness to meet the needs and reliability.