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the President of the Russian Union of Builders order (RUB) No. 128 of May 28, 2012 «About the Russian Union of builders committees creation and appointment of committees chairmen», Ekaterina Lezina, Center for Contractual Biddings in Construction general director is appointed the Committee Chairman on the government and corporate procurements. The committee is constantly operating advisory body. Main objectives of Committee are participation in the government, municipal and corporate procurements in the Russian Federation formation system taking into account interests and needs of construction community, assistance to public authorities in the balanced policy development in order placement system, maintenance of favorable conditions at professional activity and interests of members of RUB. The Russian union of builders unites the construction organizations in 80 regions, areas and the republics of the Russian Federation. It is recognized by the Government of the Russian Federation as the partner, as the spokesman of construction business interests. Vladimir Yakovlev is the Russian Union of Builders president.