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“Samara Stroyfarfor”charity support to orphaned children


In May of last year Samara Stroyfarfor plant came to the rescue to the Samara Children’s home «Malish». The children’s organization was provided with necessary construction materials: ceramic granite tile for repair work in procedural and physiotherapeutic offices (only 99,36 sq.m). The enterprise is awarded by the Public Action recognition certificate «Thank» which is annually held by «Raduga» Pedagogical club«, the Samara city youth public organization for the rendered charitable help and sensitive attention to orphaned children. On April 19, 2012 on the easter children’s morning performance which has taken place in «Malish» Children’s home, to HR director Olga Morzhitskaya, the official representative of Samara Stroyfarfor plant was expressed the gratitude and the certificate was handed over.