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Samara Plaster Plant welcomes guests


«Personnel reserve», the project of graduates and students engaging continues to realize on the enterprise. It was organized by Mr. Dolmatov, «Versivo» Association President in 2010. Students and lecturers of the Samara State Architectural and Construction University of such departments as «Building materials and constructions», «Mechanization, automatization and energy-savings of builing and construction» visited Samara Plaster Plant on October 13 and 20. Guests saw a film of plant production, visited shops where dry building mixes, plasters produce and parking, got to know with plant laboratory. Master-class on dry construction answered all interesting questions. Students tried to lay mixes. Branded gifts were given to students. Meeting was ended by «round table» where plant management and Konstantin Galitskov building-technological departmen dean discussed questions of training organization and students practical study on Samara Plaster Plant.