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The Samara Stroyfarfor at the exhibition in Italy


On September 25-29 the Samara Stroyfarfor plant staff visited the well-known international exhibition CERSAIE in the city of Bologna (Italy). This year the exhibition celebrated the thirty-year anniversary. The most known manufacturers of a ceramic tile, ceramic granite, sanitary ware and goods for a bathroom took part in this event, like always. The share of the international visitors was 32% from total number of people. This is the record of CERSAIE exhibition established in 2012. The experts (leading architects, designers and builders) call among themselves the CERSAIE exhibition «High ceramic fashion week». The participation in an exhibition gives the chance to Samara Stroyfarfor plant to stay informed of current trends, to plan the new directions of development, to adopt the international experience. The delegation of plant was convinced that collections of TM GRASARO ceramic granite meet the main requirements of the modern market. Experts made a close study on the main trends offered by leading manufacturers of ceramic granite. The most part of the ceramic granite collections presented on CERSAIE imitates natural materials: slate, marble, various types of a tree. Technologically almost all versions of global manufacturers can be made at Samara Stroyfarfor’s capacities. Information received on CERSAIE, will allow to produce in perspective high-tech and asked-for collections of ceramic granite under two trademarks: TM GRASARO and TM KERRANOVA. During the exhibition the relations were opened with new suppliers of accessories and the European manufacturers — potential outsourcers. In 2013 the Samara Stroyfarfor plant will propose the innovative offers in the sphere of goods for a bathroom.