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The "Versivo" Association awards talented children


From 8 to 13 September there will take place the tenth All-Russiaт festival-lab of theaters for children «A golden turnip» in Samara, organized by the Samara region Government, the ministry of culture of the Samara region, the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation. The young audience will see an interesting repertoire: 14 performances staged by creative staff of theaters of Moscow, Kirov, Naberezhnye Chelny, Novosibirsk, Targovishta (Bulgaria), etc. Realizing corporative charitable programs, the «Versivo» Association became one of partners of the festival, the relation with which developed already at the end of the XX century. In an art workshop of the «Samara Stroyfarfor» plant some time ago were manufactured «the Gold Turnip» ceramic figures — a symbol of the festival created on sketches of the well-known Italian screenwriter, writer and artist Tonino Guerr. The group of successful and talented children of the company staff were encouraged to Knowledge Day with a gift by the Association shareholders at the beginning of academic year. They got tickets for several performances. Young theatergoers will represent the Association at a festival and will make the Children’s jury. They should define the best performance of the stage production of the play «The scarlet sails» by Alexander Green: Russian academic Moscow theater, Kirov theater of the young audience, Samara drama theater. Sponsoring participation of «Versivo» Association in creative laboratory of theatrical talents is a display of care of the general culture status of the city and an aspiration to make a worthy contribution to ethical and esthetic education of younger generation.