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«Tender heart» charity event


At the beginning of November the Versivo Association corporate culture center invited employees to participate in «Tender heart» charity event. This charity event purpose consisted in that on a New to present pleasure to children without parental support that pupils of orphanages could visit the wonderful New Year’s performance «Twelve Months» of the Moscow music hall on New Year’s holiday. Kind and sympathetic people work in Association: the collected sum made 58 750 rubles. For orphan children of orphanage No. 1 of a name of B.P.Frolov 63 tickets were acquired and also transport which delivers them in the TsSK Air Force Samara Sports palace is paid. Other part of means is spent for orphanage various needs satisfaction. In coordination with the director of orphanage No. 1 of a name B. P. Frolova T. V. Tyurkina are bought: 1) the necessary medicines which list it was provided by the orphanage pediatrician, 2) the Bosch brand washing machine. Animators are invited and prizes are bought on a New Year tree which takes place in the orphanage on December 30, 2011. Versivo Association employees participation in this charity event, certainly one of remarkable good deeds of leaving 2011.