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Private security celebrates 20th years anniversary


On private detective and security guard activities«specialized Law of the Russian Federation specified the non-governmental safety structures activity bases was output in 1992. The right to render absolutely new services for that time including connected with weapon use was provided to specially created commercial organizations. Having passed rough stages of formation, security business was created and became an integral part of the Russian economy. Today private security guards act within public safety system, fulfilling contractual obligations and rendering the subject help in citizens protection. In honor of the 20 anniversary of non-governmental safety structures formation in the country passed anniversary actions where the most worthy workers were awarded by medals specially let out to this date and breastplates. Coordination Council (CC) festive meeting of the Non-governmental Safety sphere (NSSS) heads took place on May 24. Rudakov Coordination Council chairman handed over «20 years of Non-governmental Safety sphere» medal to Makarova, «Solidarnost» private security company, Ltd. director. The committee on public awards satisfied the petition for the rewarding given to Makarova on the employees who have worked in security structures over 15 years. On May 31 Avtaev; Aniskin; Balakhonkin; Geraskin; Goncharov; Kryukov; Frolkin were noted with «20 years of Non-governmental Safety sphere» medals for a personal contribution to formation and development of the Non-governmental Safety sphere. Rewarding with a medal was made by the decision of the Organizing committee secretariat on preparation and carrying out the actions devoted to 20 private protection and investigation in the Russian Federation anniversary celebration. Information on the persons awarded by the medal takes place in the electronic periodical «Labor glory of Russia» special section «A glory hall of the non-governmental Safety sphere». The medal is worn on the left breast side and in the state awards presence of the Russian Federation and the USSR settles down after them.