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«Samara Stroyfarfor» plant anniversary


On November Samara Stroyfarfor has celebrated its 70th anniversary. The celebration devoted to this considerable date took place in the Samara philharmonic hall. It passed in the high spirits atmosphere and the joyful feelings caused by participation in an important event,and presented many fine memoirs and impressions. The philharmonic hall decorated with arches and bouquets from yellow and blue balloons looked elegantly and brightly. All guests were met a welcome glass of champagne. The photoshoot was organized at a banner with a plant logo. Depicting «heroes of the occasion», guests, photographers fixed the flying instants of history. It was possible to get acquainted with unique documents, pictures, the data connected with plant life on the second floor, on bench photochronicle pages. In every decade since 1941 and finishing 2011 the distinctive features from which «character» of the enterprise was formed are allocated. This historical panorama drew special attention of factory workers. The veterans who have fulfilled at plant till half-centuries were confused and sincerely rejoiced when found itself or familiar faces on the photochronicle pictures. The great interest was caused by an exposition of plant production of different release years. Severe the fortieth are presented by a selection of insulators which were the main enterprise production and also additional products — time attributes : Stalin’s bust, a polar bear figure. Passed 70 years and at the beginning of 21 centuries the plant offered the consumer difficult ceramic figures, floor vases, decorative ware, sanitary construction products, mixers, wash basins, furniture for bathrooms from successfully developing direction of plant production — SANITA LUXE. Rewarding of staff with Certificates of honor, Letters of thanks from the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal services of the Samara region, from administration of the Volga area, from Versivo Association, from Samara Stroyfarfor plant and also distinctions «Versivo» «Gold fund became the holiday culmination. Warm congratulations of Mr. Dolmatov and Mr. Skotnikov, Versivo Association heads, Shulepova, the Volga district employment center ditector, Mr. Shamenov, the chairman of the Samara regional committee of workers labor union, Mr.Vinogradov, deputy meeting chairman of the Volga area and the municipal area Volga, Mr.Sinov, the vice-chairman of Sberbank Volga region Bank board, Mr. Kuznetsov, «Energoeffekt», Ltd. general director, the Honourable builder of Russia, the full member of the Russian society of engineers of construction were addressed to plant employees. The keen interest caused a surprise prepared by Versivo Association top managers force. In musical and theatrical representation under the name «Visible History» as if events of the left decades recovered. Audience watched live drawings on the black background created by group of a pantomime. People long applauded to all actors. The children’s dancing group presented ballet composition «A pink waltz». The vocal group «Kvatro» invited to a holiday pleased with popular works in Russian and Italian languages. Hearts of listeners touched songs «Caruso’s Memories», «Mama», «Volare», «Bamboleo», «There is Only an Instant»,»When the spring will come, I don’t know… «, «Smuglyanka», «Tell girls». The anniversary holiday came to the end having opened the account to the eighth plant decade. Ahead the enterprise has the labor everyday life, new high rates and production victories.