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Grateful letter from JTI


«Logika Dvizheniya» company won the annual service providers tender of warehouse service «JTI of Marketing and Sales» (JTI), CJSC. Hard fight between service providers of warehouse services in Samara for the right to be called as the business partner of the JTI company began in September. The All-Russian level companies having a huge network of warehouses over all country were among candidates. However, as corporate «Messenger» of the JTI company notes, «the current» provider appeared most worthy of all worthy: valorous «RosTransTerminal» OJSC earned enormous advantage of its high quality service, the reasonable prices, a convenient site and professionalism of collective«. By 2012 results of «RosTransTerminal» OJSC takes the 1st place on quality of provided service (KPI) among Regional warehouse complexes on processing of JTI goods that is confirmed by the Grateful letter. The direct contract is signed with the JTI company for 2013.