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Deputy visit to the plant


October 4 Gutenev, the deputy of the Russian Federation State Duma, the first deputy chairman of committee on the industry, the first vice-president of Russian mechanicians union, the expert of the Highest certifying commission of the Russian Federation Education Ministry, the Doctor of Engineering and the winner of the State award Russian Federation in the field of science and equipment has visited Samara Stroyfarfor. Adamov, the Volzhskiy district head, Vinogradov, the Volzhskiy disrict representatives chairman, Afanasiev, «Volgapromgaz» corporate general director, chairman first deputy of the Samara region department of Russian mechanicians union. Pavel Misyulya has showed sanitary-building units and ceramic granite production, put up to conditions of laborers work during the visit. Gutenev has noted the payment high level but draw attention to necessity to all production process automate, to cut hand work which provide attractive conditions to potential workers.