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The new success of ТМ GRASARO


The trial consignment of the TM GRASARO glazed ceramic granite of a big format is delivered. The decision on its production at the enterprise capacities was made after state of the market analysis, the careful analysis of experience of the similar — the Russian and foreign producers. During debugging and adjustment of the factory equipment, development of technology «the technical product» — a tile of 600×600 mm in size without additional trimming of a surface was manufactured. At the beginning of February, 2012 the Italian equipment for glazing was purchased. Within a month its installation was carried out by the enterprise employees forces with the Italian supplying-firm specialists assistance. High level of proficiency in novelty mastering was shown by equipment setup specialist Aleksey Nepryakhin, service technicians Ruslan Gilmanov and Denis Bordyukov, the development engineer Yury Makarov. The line fitted into an existing technological chain well. At the present day the equipment testing proceeds. The new production, notable for the increased quality, allowed to enter the plant into more profitable segment construction materials market. GRASARO Trend on technology of a tile surface glazing with the shape imitation added three directions available at the enterprise — Piccante (on the «salt-pepper» technology), City Style (on the monokolor technology) and Pietra Naturale (on the MDR and double filling up technology). By the end of 2012 it is planned to master four designs of a tile and to manufacture it to the extent of 60 thousand square meters. The new equipment adoption opens 12 highly paid vacancies. The preference will be given to responsible, punctual, accurate, attentive people as they should deal with compound, very exact equipment. Good workers will get worthy salary — on the average from 20 to 30 thousand. Training of specialists will be carried out in educational classes of the enterprise. During the whole time of training (about three months, depending on extent of training, existence of skills and abilities) the grant will be paid. For practicing the new designs of a glazed large-size tile laboratory creation is planned. The modernization of silo economy, installation of the additional line of supply of press powder, installation of the new equipment for rectification and breakdowns of large-size tiles is coming during the current year.