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Summer practice of students at the Association enterprises


20 students of the Samara higher education institutions undertook summer internship at the Versivo Association enterprises. Some trainees work was appreciated as highly productive and, as a result, with some of them the civil character contracts of works certain types performance were signed, the others were employed in Association various business units. At the present time the Versivo company together with the Samara State University prepares the practical disciplines educational unit project. It is planned to begin with the chemical and technological block. Experts in this branch (experts or the heads of the profile functional direction responsible for development of the training program at the Association enterprises) will make training unit taking into account specifics of productions and technological features of the Association enterprises. The developed technique has first of all a practical orientation: students will be given the applied knowledge, the cumulative experience, skills and abilities. Upon finishing of training the most effective and talented students will be invited to work for the Association enterprises.