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From pilot project to serial training


On October 21 the solemn opening of an educational class took place at the Samara plaster plant. All enterprise divisions heads were invited to the ceremony. The red tape symbolizing delivery of the facility was cut by the plant administrative director Aleksander Bikov. Nina Stanislavovna Skotnikova, the Versivo Association corporate culture director and the plant chief engineer Anver Sadykov made their congratulatory speeches. Upon finishing of an official part in a conference room Bikov carried out presentation report about participation in a forum «HR audit 2011» and about prospects of occupational production training of the enterprise workers. The educational class creation inside the enterprise is an important event for the plant and Versivo Association as a whole. The effective solution of the employees training problem before their introduction in a position which declared itself more and more sharply from year to year is found. The situations connected with observance of technical and economic safety on production, with full entry of the worker into production process, demanded not only efforts of the instructor fixed to the beginner (the worker who first of all is carrying out the direct duties) but also a system approach. In July, 2011 there was prepaired «The Educational Class (the first stage — training of workers)» project the head of which became Samara Plaster plant administrative director Aleksander Bikov. The project implementation which last for 6 months of the second half of the current year, included many kinds of activity: the personnel membership analysis and available standard documentation on each workplace; preparation of training standard programs, workers training techniques in an educational class and on a workplace; requirements system development to the educational class equipment and further equipment of the premises; personnel support questions solution of an educational class and so forth. At this moment the most part of the project is successfully complete thanks to harmonious actions of all working group members: chief plant engineer Anver Sadykov, head of development of the personnel Tatyana Oleynikova, HR manager Olga Ovsyannikova, specialist of the Center of corporative culture Svetlana Ganeeva. Staff of marketing department which is headed by Nadezhda Trusanova, helped with designing of a class interior. In three decades which have passed from the date of opening 5 workers were trained in a class: two packers, 1 doser, 2 operators of plates. The duties were started by the production training engineer Sergey Barsov who took active part in educational and methodical grants development. The preparatory part of the educational project is almost complete. Time of effective use of the created resources began. In the long term workers of plant will have opportunity to receive full-fledged knowledge of the second specialty.